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Firstmark, an Ontic company, has a long history in the Aerospace and Defense marketplace, producing high quality flight-control components for military, commercial, and civil aircraft.

Founded as Wright Machinery Company in 1893, the company moved into the current facility in Durham, North Carolina in 1941.  Joining the war effort, the company produced gunfire control systems for Sperry and Ford.  After the war, Wright Machinery was acquired by Sperry, and in 1986 Sperry was acquired by Honeywell.  Under Honeywell’s ownership, the company manufactured high quality aircraft products and space electro-magnetic components.  In 1996 Tecstar purchased the company from Honeywell, diversifying the company’s customer base and successfully competing in a wider range of markets.  In July 2002, Firstmark acquired the company. In 2018, the company was acquired by Ontic, a BBA Aviation company.


Our business is building and repairing high-performance electromechanical products for the aerospace industry.  We are dedicated to expanding our markets nationally and globally, where profitable and acceptable.  We recognize our success is dependent upon our ability to provide consistent quality and value to our customers while providing a market return to our investors.  We are committed to maintaining the highest principles in our exchange with customers, employees, investors, the environment, our community, and our global society.  Our responsibility is to provide flawless products and exceptional services to the military, commercial, and commuter aerospace customers we serve.  We will accomplish this goal through strategic planning, inventive techniques, and the application of cost-reducing and quality-enhancing technologies.


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Firstmark Aerospace Corporation, An Ontic Company (An ISO:9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Company)

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