We design, manufacture, test, and repair both linear and rotary actuators. 

Selected High Temperature Actuators

High temperature motor-clutch-brake actuators were developed for linear or rotational actuators.  High temperature components including stainless clad copper conductors, electromagnetic coils, and Hyperco lanination that can be operated at elevated temperatures up to 800K (~1000F).  The actuators are designed to operate at high temperature for 10 years.

Precision Linear Actuators

Precision linear actuators perform linear positioning or apply a controlled force.  They generally use a preloaded ball or roller screw drive for zero, or low, backlash characteristics.  They are usually driven by a stepper motor or brushless DC motor.  Stepper motors are preferred for low-power and low-speed applications.  Brushless DC motors are best suited for high-power and high-speed applications.

Linear Drive Actuators

Linear drive actuators are devices that provide linear movement where precise control is not necessary.  They can be driven by any type of motor.  A caging application or one-time deployment function can often use a brush motor where long life is not necessary.  AC motors are desirable but the available power may be DC only.  Brushless motors are steppers are the most common, but require drive electronics.

The motor may be mounted directly to the lead screw, but more often, is coupled through spur gearing.  This provides additional speed reduction and force multiplication.

Linear actuators are frequently required to restrain a load when not powered.  Several techniques can provide the holding force.  Stepper motors and brushless DC motors can be designed for a high detent torque, which works well during vibration.  The detent torque cannot be large compared to the motor drive capability; available torque margin would not be acceptable.  When very high holding force is necessary, the unit can be powered or a brake can be incorporated.  The brake can release upon application of power. 

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