Firstmark, an Ontic company, has discontinued production of the MK-3/MC-2000 Master Compass Calibration Set.
However, we continue to offer aftermarket repair support and calibration services. Please contact us at (919) 956-4200 and we will be happy to address your needs.

Firstmark, an Ontic company, is proud of our legacy of providing ground support equipment for calibration of aircraft navigational components without the use of a compass rose. 

While the use of inertial navigation systems in today's aircraft has eliminated the need to calibrate master compass heading systems with the MK3/MC-2000, Firstmark's Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC) system is still available, and allows the operator to calibrate the aircraft's standby compass without the use of a compass rose. 

Please click below to learn more about how our Standby Compass Calibrator system can help reduce your maintenance headaches without the time and expense of certifying and maintaining a compass rose.

Standby Compass Calibrators

Information on the Discontinued Compass Calibration Systems

Our magnetic compass calibrators accurately calibrate an aircraft's magnetic compass without the physical rotation of the aircraft, and without the need of a certified compass rose. The unit can also certify and calibrate a compass rose and can be used to install a new rose. 

The Mark 3 Magnetic Compass Calibration System enables calibration to occur in locations which would not have been possible in the past. The calibration criteria involve minimal magnetic restrictions at the calibration site.  With no requirements for a compass rose, sites will no longer be remote, isolated from hangers and buildings.  Time-consuming geodetic surveys are no longer factors which impact the availability and down time of the aircraft. Our customers include the US Navy, US Air Force, Italian Army, Italian Navy, and Sikorsky.

Mark-3/MC-2000 Training Video Clip

Mark 3 Compass Calibration System Optional Cable Listing


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