Standby Compass Calibrator

Our Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC) eliminates the need for the physical rotation of the aircraft to perform calibration of the standby compass. By eliminating the need for conventional ground swinging, the standby compass is compensated more rapidly and inexpensively.

Our SCC is listed on both the Boeing and Airbus recommended equipment lists.

  • The SCC cancels the local effect of the Earth's magnetic field at the standby compass location.
  • The SCC adds a standard magnetic field which can be rotated to simulate aircraft heading, permitting compass error to be identified without physical rotation.
Cost Comparison

Without SCC

  • 3-5 technician
  • Tug
  • 1 -3 hours
  • Availability of compass swing area

With SCC

  • One technician
  • Tug
  • 30 minutes
  • Any location

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